First Run

With a configured EC2 Tools environment, now it’s time to create an AppScale image.

If not already there, SSH into the Vagrant box:

vagrant ssh

Then go into the appscale-tools repository:

cd /srv/appscale/repo/appscale-tools

From here you can bootstrap the image creation process using the command:


For more information on this command simply run it with the -h flag:

./bin/appscale-bootstrap -h

This command will take a while to run. Once it’s complete, you will see in the last few lines of the log the instance id and the image id that was created.

NOTE: The bootstrap script does not currently terminate the instance that is created in order to make an AppScale image. Please terminate it once you are done.

Create an AppScale Cluster

appscale-run-instances [with flags] - fires up a cluster

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